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10 yoga spots you’ll love - in Glasgow

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

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Its fair to say that stretching out on a mat outdoors requires some decent weather, but we in Scotland are not always gifted such joys. However, say we are lucky and we feel like taking our warriors and baby birds outside - what locations would be suitable?

It might be natural for some of us to see the sun and think, "lets go drinking in the west end/city centre!", which I can understand. Yet I want to offer another alternative. I want to encourage ourselves to look after our physical and mental wellbeing, as an option!

There are lots of people who come to me and describe their weekends of drinking, something that Glasgow offers us as an option in huge abundance. It's a great way to socialise and meet people. But as you can appreciate, being a therapist, I meet lots of these people who are negatively affected by these activities and are drawn into a lifestyle where their money is spent on alcohol, social and emotional relationships are also negatively affected by such a choice, and they feel anxious and fatigued. It turns out, there is a huge body of evidence that links this lifestyle to anxiety. Something which then causes further problems in other areas for their lives.

As an added bonus, replacing some of these possibly negative activities with ones which look after our mental wellbeing, as well as physical, can be very finance friendly! Never tried it you say? It is definitely something to consider.


An obvious one yes. It can be busy when the weather is good, but the whole vibe of the park is very relaxed, everyone is socialising with friends and family, others are barbecuing and some are practicing tai chi or tight rope walking!

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