Firstly, hello and welcome to you.

We all experience moments in life where things can feel a little bit heavy. This can come from a range of temporary or ongoing situations such as work stress, friendships and other relationship difficulties. Sometimes we may even experience physical or mental health issues and find ourselves needing warm, caring support from someone else, which can be challenging when you feel you may not have anyone to turn to. You do not have to go through any of those issues alone.

Whatever you may be facing, I can help you to navigate your issues and make self-discoveries, finding your voice, progress in self-belief and inner strength, which are the beginning of positive changes and taking steps forward. My main focus as a therapist lies in support your self-development, personal growth, self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem – whether that is professional or personal, as well as friendships, family or intimate relationships. I provide a safe and trusted space, to listen to you and help support you in these situations.

I have experience in working with people from all walks of life, who may have suicidal ideation, including depression, anxiety, trauma and PTSD. I will listen and help you come to your own conclusions, or come to terms with your personal issues. I can help you identify triggers and difficulties which may be hard to pinpoint.

Whatever your interest in therapy might be, I will be happy to discuss further on how counselling may benefit you. I will hold no judgement towards you in these sensitive matters and offer a confidential listening ear.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm wishes,


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MSc Counselling & Psychotherapy – University of Strathclyde

BSc Psychology (Hons) – the University of The West of Scotland

COSCA Counselling Skills Certificate



Student Counsellor and researcher at Strathclyde University

Trainee Counsellor NHS Occupational Health Service

Client Care Counsellor at Employee Assistance Programme.

Senior Counsellor - Stepping Stones Counselling & Psychotherapy (emergency services personnel, Sussex)

Childline Counseling Volunteer